Lost Satellite

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Lost Satellite

Lost Satellite is a beautiful, high speed flying simulator and adventure game.

Professional voice acting and final trailer coming soon, along with a free demo.

Story Synopsis :

Beth Indica, a research scientist pilot, loses an a.i. slave satellite in deep space, due to pilot error, or she thinks. She must retrace her steps to recover data files or ( data probes ). These probes contain sophisticated meta data such as coordinates, previous locations, research data, star systems and way points. On her journey, Beth is soon to learn of an undiscovered intelligence in this deep space quadrant ( also known as the Bermuda Triangle in space ). This unknown intelligence has been mining large asteroids and moons for an unknown substance, some sort of energy assumed. Some intelligence drones are known to be hostile and some neutral.

Story Set Up / Back Story :

- Earth Year 2177 -

75 years after successfully colonizing
Mars, humanity developed nuclear fusion
space travel technology, creating the
ability, with the assistance of advanced
robotic A. I., to travel into deep space.

Several teams of research scientists and
space engineers piloted spacecraft
into the unknown universe, collecting data
on possible "Earth Like" planets.

The use of large advanced satellite
technology allowed each base to
communicate with each other,
that is until the mysterious disappearances
of several communication satellites
and crew stations.

Reports of hostile unidentified drone
spacecraft have contributed to the theory
of the disappearances but have also forbade
any chance of rescue or investigation.

Researchers, politicians, and space engineers
have been perplexed on the origin of the
unknown spacecraft. Some theorize sabotage
drones built by rival factions. No conclusive
evidence has supported any of these claims.

Abilities :

Warp drive //
simple combat // drone radar // locking laser // shields //
investigation // mission files // a.i. assistant // waypoints // starmap
hacking //
thrusters // high beams // proximity warnings


  • Pitch = keys A / D or Left / Right Arrows
  • Boost = Shift
  • Direction = Mouse Pad
  • Laser Shield = Return ( 45 second recharge rate )
  • Defense Laser = Space bar
  • Quit / Back = Escape
  • High Beams = H
  • Aim assist / Hacking = X
  • Drone Locators = E
  • Pause = P
  • Red Lights = ( Proximity Warning )
  • Help ( blue marker ) = Q

Other Features :

  • Easy to learn controls. Adventure plus an experimental interactive cosmic music experience.
  • Navigate lost satellites through atmospheric alien landscapes at high speeds.
  • A synthwave / retro soundtrack.
  • Escape enemy drones and obstacles.
  • Dodge narrow canyons of an unknown universe.
  • Several worlds to explore.
  • Locate missing data probes to advance your mission.
  • Colorful and atmospheric visuals.

More info coming soon.

Source: steampowered.com

System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows 8+
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel i3
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.